MALVA shawl in red coral and ivory


The shawl you were looking for, that accompanies every day and everywhere, behind this lies the Inspiration of our product. Light, soft and warm, it is designed to be far more than a simple shawl, it can turn into an elegant coat or a cozy traveling blanket in a blink of an eye.

This carefully crafted handmade piece of clothing has an intermediate thickness that suits all four seasons. The yarn is carefully and manually crafted with strict dexterity in order to achieve the softness and lasting that we are known for.

Dyed in small batches with selected native plants, this piece of merino wool clothing is a precious treasure that will satisfy and keep your wardrobe fresh for many years to come.

SIZE: 60 x 190 cms

MATERIAL: 100% merino sheep wool

COLOR: Red coral and ivory

CARE: Hand wash in cold water with neutral soap. Lay flat to dry.

MADE TO ORDER: ships in 4 weeks

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